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Documenting Your Domain Defense

All lawyers know that just because you are right does not mean that you will win in court, or in any other forum that makes legal decisions Cases are decided not by an abstract notion of justice, but by the evidence that is presented by the parties to the decision making body. Although a mandatory administrative proceeding under the UDRP is a quick alternative to the traditional "legal" process, your case will still be decided based upon the evidence presented to the UDRP Panel.

But, gathering evidence is sometimes not easy. It is very often the most important and time consuming task for lawyers in any litigation, and your ability to document your case may prove to be crucial for you in your current UDRP administrative proceeding. This section will list the various defenses that may be available to you, suggest the kind of evidence you will need to support each defense, show you where to find that evidence, and describe how to document it. This section will, also, include practical considerations related to the topic.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions about Documenting Your Domain Defense.

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