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U.K. individual complains of defamation

May 05, 2005


Sender Information:
Sent by: [Private]
London, UK

Recipient Information:
Google, Inc.

Sent via: fax

Thank you for your e-mail of 27 April 2005. I note that following our letter of 20 April 2005 Google have removed a number of links from the results of searches under the name "[private]" for which I thank you.

However I write regarding further offending material which can still be accessed through the Google search engine. Copies of these most recent Google searches are attached, and in each case the offending material is highlighted. I request that all postings highlighted on the attached pages are now removed.

I also note your reference to legal complaints which now appears at the foot of the "Groups" search. Please explain to me the reasoning for this reference. At present the link provided does not provide the information regarding legal complaints (see attached page from so please also advise me of the content proposed for this reference. It appears that this reference is intended to detail our complaint, which I object to because this would result in continuance of the damage originally caused by the now removed material and probably breach of confidentiality and privacy.

I look forward to hearing from you in answer to these points and in confirmation that the attached offending material has been removed as requested.

[private], Partner


At times, search engines remove different results from country-specific searches.

You may want to compare searches across national domains.


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