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Spanish Company Complains of Defamatory and Offensive Postings

May 11, 2005


Sender Information:
Relevance S.A.
Sent by: [Private]
Madrid, 28020, Spain

Recipient Information:
User Support, DMCA Complaints
Google, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA

Sent via: fax
Re: To remove the infringing pages from Google

We request the suppression of the specified URL because we have found some offending pages with our Google search results about our company. We have found it on Google's search "revelance":

The Google website where the information above appears:

Identify our country of residence and citizenship: Espana

Identify precisely the information that you claim violates your rights under applicable law (the "Unlawful Material"). Some information contained in the forums:



At times, search engines remove different results from country-specific searches.

You may want to compare searches across national domains.


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