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    Repeat Senders

    Wendy Seltzer, Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, December 15, 2010

    Abstract: In the last year, Chilling Effects saw more than 12,000 cease-and-desist notices reported. Over the next few weeks and into 2011, we will be doing preliminary analysis of patterns in those notices. We are also preparing the data to be more easily usable by other researchers.

    In this post, I look at repeat senders -- individuals and entities who send frequent DMCA takedown notices.

    Chilling Effects receives notices from several sources, but lately, the largest sources have been Internet hosts and search engines who pass on the DMCA Notices they receive and respond to: Google, Yahoo, Digg, and most recently, Twitter. (Combined DMCA takedowns totaled 11,500 between Jan 1 and Dec 15, 2010)

    In that mix, we see some frequent users of the DMCA takedown process, companies and individuals who have sent multiple notices requesting removal of content -- or links to content -- they allege infringes their copyrights. We have also seen the rise of takedown agents, entities who send notices on behalf of one or more clients. The list below shows the 20 most frequent sender-principals from 2010, and the 10 most frequent agents.


    number  Sender:                                                       type
    1272 IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry): music
    303 Clube do Hardware: articles
    299 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation: film
    230 APCM - Associação Anti Pirataria de Cinema e Musica: music
    221 Removeyourcontent, LLC: images and video (adult content)
    203 RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America): music
    166 Autodata Limited: technical manuals
    158 Folkert Knieper: recipe photographs
    122 Product Partners, LLC / Beachbody: fitness DVDs
    106 Stones Throw Records LLC: music
    92 Chappell & Co: music
    88 Microsoft Corporation: software and instructional material
    88 Globo Comunicação e Participações S/A: video
    85 The New York Times: articles
    84 Deckers Outdoor Corporation (UGG Australia): images of UGG boots
    82 Vivid Entertainment Group, LLC: video (adult content)
    81 Digiturk: TV
    81 The NBA - National Basketball Association: video streams


       Removeyourcontent, LLC
    Web Sheriff
    RipBlock Antipiracy
    Attributor Corporation
    French Solutions Ltd.
    Internet Copyright Management
    MiMTiD Corp.
    Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd.

    While the mix changes over time, the most frequent senders of DMCA takedown notices remain the music industry, whose institutional members have sent a combined total averaging roughly 5 takedowns a day.


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