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    Controversial "Six Strikes" Enforcement Regime Likely Begins in the U.S. Today

    Adam Holland, February 25, 2013

    Abstract: As regular Chilling Effects visitors and reader know, the controversial “Six strikes” copyright enforcement regime likely rolls out in the U.S. today. Prepare to be “educated” and maybe throttled, but never disconnected.
    Not that you’d know about the roll-out from ISPs, of course, who have been playing this very close to the vest. And not that anyone knows for sure what the penalties will be.

    Roundly criticized for the level of enforcement power it gives to ISPs, how it helps stacks the deck for the large institutional rights-holders, the new bureaucracy it has spawned, for the bizarrely arbitrary nature of its putative sanctions, and for the ineptitude of its enforcement body, “Six strikes” nevertheless has the potential to impact almost every broadband internet user in the United States. While only a few ISPs signed on, those few serve approximately 75% of US Internet users, with Comcast way out in front of that pack.. What's more, depending on who you choose to give credence to, six strikes may bring about the death of free public Wi-Fi.
    So much has been written on the topic of the roll-outthat we’re just going to provide a representative link round-up below.

    We here at Chilling Effects urge you to help us stay abreast of the situation.
    This is a huge paradigm shift in the copyright enforcement ecosystem, and we need to shine as much sunlight on it as possible. We can’t do it without your help.
    We would like to see any and all notices users receive as part of the six strikes regime.
    Please send them to us, and tell everyone you know to do the same.
    If you represent an ISP who is sending these notices, please contact our team. We would be very interested in partnering with you to make these notices transparently available.

    the Chilling Effects Team


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